At Agiliti, we believe every interaction has the power to change a life.

We work to ensure a positive impact on the lives of those we serve, and on our broader local — and global — communities. We honor our responsibilities to our many stakeholders, who include customers and their patients, our team members and our shareholders, and the communities we serve both directly and indirectly. In that spirit, we seek to demonstrate our commitment to strong corporate citizenship through purposeful actions and meaningful results.


Three core pillars, defined as Quality and Sustainability; Culture and Community; and, Ethics and Governance guide our commitments to corporate citizenship. Within those pillars, we prioritize a series of metrics—both quantitative and qualitative—that we believe address our most significant areas of impact and opportunity. These measures were further validated by a comprehensive, third-party materiality assessment conducted in 2021. Review our 2022 Corporate Citizenship overview to learn more about the stakeholders included in the study as well as its methodology and results. This annual Citizenship report also outlines in detail our strongly held commitments to environmental, governance and social responsibility.

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