We lead by example, inspiring one another to strive for excellence, to be accountable, and to grow and develop through our work. We value diversity of backgrounds, ideas and experiences, knowing that different perspectives lead to greater connection, superior innovation and better outcomes. We seek to have a positive influence through our work and interactions, and we take pride in being part of something bigger than ourselves.

Diversity and Inclusion

Agiliti fosters a diverse and inclusive company culture where all backgrounds and perspectives are invited, valued, and respected equally. As of year-end 2021, more than 40% of our workforce self-identified as members of racial or ethnic minority groups. Read more about our commitments in our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and in our Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action Policy.

Employee Engagement

We believe a strong and sustainable company begins with engaged and empowered employees. We are committed to investing in our team’s training and development, to enabling open, two-way communication, and to fostering a culture of trust and transparency. We constantly strive to make Agiliti an employer that inspires organizational pride, and we achieve that by listening to feedback and by responding swiftly with steps that drive improvement. Each year, we measure our team members’ engagement through a formal survey. In 2022, we achieved an employee engagement rating of 72, which places us near the “Extraordinary company” benchmark, according to third-party engagement indices. You can meet some of our team members here.

Community Engagement

Agiliti maintains active, ongoing partnerships with more than 75 national and global nonprofit organizations and offers employees matching donation programs and year-round volunteer opportunities. Our community-giving programs are jointly managed by our Chief Human Resources Officer and our volunteer Charity Committee made up of team members from across the company. In addition to strengthening our national efforts, these volunteer leaders help broaden our impact within the communities in which they live and work.

Through these initiatives in 2021, Agiliti team members volunteered time and thousands of dollars in donations, many of which were doubled through company matches.

Additionally, when we can ensure the safety and usability of aged medical equipment no longer in use by our customers, we donate these devices to hospitals and clinics in underserved areas or to providers in low-income countries with need. This effort helps us reduce waste while expanding our contribution to care delivery and global health.

Health and Safety

Agiliti is committed to providing a safe place to work, one where team members feel supported and protected. We offer comprehensive health and wellness benefits, and we train our employees on safe work practices and procedures annually. Agiliti’s policies and procedures ensure compliance with applicable safety regulations, including (but not limited to) hazard communication, personal protective equipment, bloodborne pathogens, equipment handling, hazardous materials disposal, and powered industrial trucks. Read more about our employee health and safety efforts on our policy page.

Human Capital Management

We believe our culture of trust and transparency helps us attract and retain employees who are proud to be part of our team and who are confident we will support their careers. We are committed to investing in our team’s development and are proud that, since 2018, we have consistently achieved an annual internal promotion rate of approximately 29%, compared to the national average of 8.9%, as reported by ADP Research Institute.

We place great value in hiring talented people who share our values, and we believe in recognizing those who bring our belief and aspirations to life. Our Legends Award program celebrates employees whose work best represents our dedication to our customers and patients. Each year, we select a group of Agiliti “Legends” from hundreds of peer-recommended nominees, highlighting and awarding those who most consistently and meaningfully benefit the people and communities we serve.

Agiliti offers its employees competitive compensation and benefits programs, and we ensure our team members share in the success of our business through annual bonus and incentive programs and an Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

In addition to these benefits, we are committed to providing our team members with opportunities to develop and advance. We offer comprehensive training programs to support individual growth, and our formal Leadership Development Program helps equip current and future leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to effectively lead their teams to success. From one-day sessions to six-month programs to in-depth on-demand learning modules, we ensure tools and resources to support excellence in leadership are always within easy reach.

Learn more about our partnership with The Department of Defense SkillBridge program.

SkillBridge Training: The Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge program provides members of the uniformed services with the opportunity to gain civilian work experience through industry specific training, apprenticeships, or internships during the last 180 days of service. Agiliti has been an authorized SkillBridge organization through our Medical Equipment Technician internship program since 2020. Agiliti SkillBridge interns receive hands-on Clinical Engineering training in repairing and maintaining medical equipment – and our national footprint of Agiliti Service Centers (90+) allow us to host interns in nearly every market in the U.S.

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More Than 40% Of Our Workforce Is Ethnically Diverse

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72 Employee Engagement Score Rating In 2022

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Roughly 29% Of Positions Filled Internally Year Over Year