We deliver a unique and valuable offering that helps healthcare providers improve their business while they prioritize safe and efficient patient care. Prioritizing quality and safety, our operational approach inherently reduces environmental waste and enhances sustainability by extending the useful lives of the equipment we supply to healthcare providers.

Product Quality

We are committed to the highest standard of medical device quality management, supported by our ISO 13485:2016 certification and backed by a first-class Quality Management System. Our Quality and Purchasing teams follow risk control procedures that ensure compliance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements — meeting the highest industry standard of product and procedure safety and quality. We exclusively maintain and repair our owned equipment fleet with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and standards from approved suppliers, and we treat each device in our care as if it would be used on a member of our own family. Learn more about our commitment to quality and ISO 13485:2016 certification.

Product Circularity and End-of-Life Management

We maintain meticulous protocols for equipment end-of-life management, using refurbishment, diagnostics, and testing to extend the useful life of medical device inventories. This practice helps us reduce waste for our company and our customers. In 2021, we refurbished approximately 1,600 units of equipment to sell to our customers as part of our commitment to product circularity. Additionally, we purchase only new equipment when adding to our owned inventory, while actively managing equipment end-of-life and re-use protocols as a priority. Our processes include donations to global health facilities where products may continue to be used, and, when necessary, responsible disposal according to manufacturer instructions.

Waste Management

We have robust protocols in place for the disposal and management of hazardous products — and enjoy partnerships with local waste management companies for recycling services. We proudly report that our operations do not generate a significant amount of waste and that, in 2021, Agiliti recycled approximately 33% of its waste generated across manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and corporate offices.

Climate and Energy Management

Our business is driven by our dedication to continuous improvement and to driving efficiencies throughout our operations. Such initiatives hold true for our energy use and our commitment to addressing the threat of climate change. We manage our facilities and our fleet vehicles always seeking opportunities to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. We have demonstrated steady improvement in fleet vehicle mileage efficiency, and we have also experienced a quick payback after updating facilities with energy saving measures, including LED lights and new and/or improved insulation. Several of our products are Energy Star™ certified, supporting our customers’ interest in cost and energy conservation. We commit to work that will help us reduce energy intensities over time and to reporting our energy consumption and climate impacts annually.

ISO Certified

ISO 13485:2016 Certified

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Recycled Approximately 33% Of Our Waste Generated Across Locations

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