We deliver a unique and valuable offering that helps healthcare providers improve their business and deliver safe and effective patient care. As a result of our commitments to quality and safety, we are inherently able to reduce and eliminate environmental waste by extending the useful lives of the equipment we provide to healthcare providers.

Quality: We are committed to the highest standard of medical device quality management, supported by our ISO 13485:2016 certification and backed by a first-class Quality Management System. Our owned equipment fleet is maintained and repaired with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and standards, and we treat each device in our care as it if were to be used on a member of our own family. Find more on our commitment to quality and ISO 13485:2016 certification.

Waste: We maintain rigorous waste management procedures through refurbishment, diagnostics and testing that extends the useful life of medical device inventories—reducing waste for our company and our customers. We maintain an important commitment to purchase only new equipment when adding to our owned inventory, however we actively manage end-of-life protocols, including responsible disposal according to manufacturer instructions or donations to other global health facilities where products may continue to be used. We have robust protocols in place for the disposal and management of hazardous products—and enjoy partnerships with local waste management for recycling. We proudly report that our operations do not generate a significant amount of waste.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy: We maintain a relatively small footprint including ~2 million square feet of leased space (10,000 sq ft each) and our fleet of ~1,000 specialized vehicles. In 2019, we yielded a 14% decline in gas mileage due to safe and efficient driving policies. Many of our facilities have been updated with energy saving measures, including LED lights and insulation, with a quick payback period. Several of our products are Energy StarTM Certified.

Employee Health and Safety: We ensure Agiliti is a safe place to work where team members feel supported and protected. We offer comprehensive health and wellness benefits and our team members are trained annually on safe work practices and procedures. Find more information in our policy on PTO during workplace infectious disease outbreaks and our COVID Flex Holiday policy.

COVID-19 Response: We’re proud of the rapid development of new procedures and policies for employee leave, safety, trainings, and other resources amid the pandemic. Find detailed information on our agile response to COVID-19.

ISO Certified

ISO 13485:2016 Certified

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14% Decline In Gas Mileage In 2019

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